Solestage was founded in 2013. Our goal is to make the rarest sneaker and streetwear collection in the world available everyone. From release decades ago or limited quantities production. With the new consignment systems. In 2017, we opened our two new retail both in Los Angeles and Irvine. As the business grows, our online store is beginning getting the world to recognize, we opened the third store in San Jose. During the beginning of 2019, we will be opening the fifth stores in New York.


In 2013, Solestage created a new blueprint for the premium sneaker market and changed the way people understand the sneaker shopping experience. We’re the reimagining and rebuilding every facet of our business - pricing, inventory management, payments, fulfillment - from the ground up and are looking for quick learners who can wear multiple hats and are always thriving for more responsibility.


While there’s seemingly a race amongst brands, retailers, and developers to create tools and utilities, all vying to exploit the booming premium sneaker market, Solestage is uniquely positioned to successfully create such a platform in a meaningful and useful way because of the overwhelming wealth of historical data that no one else in the industry possess. This potential for success is further complemented by our authoritative position in the industry and culture. We pioneered an entirely new way to experience sneaker retail ten years ago and we’re now looking for like-minded and talented visionaries to join us in doing it again.


Current Job Opening at Solestage

Business Development Analyst

Solestage LA

Marketing Specialist

Solestage LA